ADVICE: How to get the cheapest plane tickets

When you are travelling, you normally want the cheap tickets. If it is Economy, Business or First class, there are always options that are more expensive. But you want the cheapest business class ticket, right? You don't want to pay too much or better, don't need to overpay...

How To Pack For An One Day Trip

A one day trip. Just go away for a day and relax, don't think about work or school. It's like a dream or even heaven. Don't think about problems or the fight with your uncle. But the one and only obstacle is: what do you pack with me?

7 Interesting places to visit in the Netherlands

The Netherlands, mostly referred to Holland. You may be wondering, what can you do more then museums and walking trough the city of Amsterdam. But there is actually more! Here are 7 things to do in the Netherlands.