REVIEW: Best travel camera?

I bought this Canon PowerShot SX730 HS Camera blindly, I mean that I didn’t know what to expect. When I started it up for the first time and it really surprised me!

Best quality for the best price

The price was around €290. The quality surprised as it’s better then other cameras in the price range. The resolution is just as real life.

The incredible zoom

The 40x optical zoom with 4x digital zoom is impressive as it has a high resolution when zoomed in. You may think that the 4x digital zoom doesn’t make any difference. But it does. Cause Canon actually means 40×4= 160x zoom. But, it will get more pixelated when getting to the digital zoom.


The foldable screen makes it easier to make pictures as shown above. The screen can turn up to 180 degrees. You can take some good selfies too!

Battery life

The battery life is around 200-250 shots or 45 minutes recording. It would be a good idea to buy another battery.

Extra functions

You have a lot of functions on the camera. But not as many as I expected. Manual mode on the camera makes photographers life’s easier. Creative shot is a fun function, it makes multiple photos in different styles.


I personally think it’s a bit heavy (300 grams) but the high resolution pay it off. If you are looking for a good travel camera, you found it! I’d give it a 9/10!

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