Top 4 best budget destinations in Europe

Sometimes you want to leave the city for a day or two. Or just don’t want to spend too much on your next vacation? Then you want the cheapest price of cource! So here are the top 15 budget destinations in Europe.

1. Malaga, spain

Not just because I was here last time. Malaga is a cheap getaway. I booked a flight for only 90 euro! But… It can be cheaper. This is the price for one day. It’s always cheaper to go multiple days. Despite that, the hotels can be cheap if you pick the right date and hotel. If the flight and hotel days don’t match, you can always take a airBnB. Public transport is taken good care of. You can buy a trainticket from the airport to the city for 2 euro. In the city you can take a sightseeing bus. But I prefer walking.

2. london, great-britain

Not always a sunny city but if you love citytrips this is a historical city to visit. London is a place you need to visit when in Europe. It has lot of interesting museums, nice restaurants to eat at, historical buildings and monuments and the skyline is growing and expanding. London has mixed cultures. So there is alot to do. Just like in Malaga you can find a cheap airBnB. Want something more fancy? You can get a 2-person room with private bathroom for $50 per person, per night!

3. Milan, italy

Compared to Rome the airport slots are much cheaper. Saying that budgetairlines buy these slots to fly to the airport. So the tickets are cheaper to Milan then to Rome.
Enough of that. It’s also a historical city but you don’t see this in other European city’s. The weather is mostly sunny and warm. Except in the winter cause of the Alps (moutains) to the north of Italy. Hotels can be booked from $25!
Milan hasn’t got lot of high rise, but it doesn’t fit with the historical part of the city.

4. Basel, Switzerland

I got to say, it isn’t a really popular city. Most people think of Zurich when you say Switzerland. Basel is a small border city. It has France to the west and Germany to the east.
As Basel has no high buildings at all, you can enjoy the cafes and restaurants in the city centre. The river Rhine flows trough the city and is also the border between France and Germany if you go to the north just outside of Basel.

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