First Time Travelling Alone

If you are used to travelling with your parents, friends or family. This can be a bit stressful for some. Do you have your boardingpasses, did you pack everything? What if you forget something. Like your phone charger or powerbank.

I had a stressful week preparing for 1 day to Spain. Can you belive that? Even I can’t now. But actually being on your destination, it is great. You are free. No others to decide with you. Just you, relaxing.
At first, for a splitsecond, you don’t know what to do. That’s normal. You are in a new country and a new city. At the airport everything should be clear. Where is the exit, where is the metro, etc.

The perfect place

The perfect destination doen’t exist. If you want to go to the Bahama’s? You go to the Bahama’s. But have you tought about Brazil or Russia? Some like citytrips and some like sunvacations. I personally like both. That’s why I chose Malaga. It has a nice city with a beach. But you have many other places and categorys to choose from. Like the dessert in Marroco. Or the jungle in Surinam. It’s al up to you to have the perfect trip.

Pack light

The less you take the more you can enjoy your stay. Some times a carry-on trolly can be enough. If you planning to go away for 2 weeks on with an airline that only allows 8kg of carry-on? Then go for the extra luggage. But for one week in Latvia 10kg of handbaggage can be alright. I even packed like 7kg for one week and I survived. You can always wash your clothes somewhere. Don’t pack clothes for every day you are in your country.

Don’t plan everything

I’m someone that wants everything to be perfect. So you plan everything out right? Wrong, you need to leave room for what comes last-minute. Like a discount on a sightseeing bus trip! How great would that be? Of course you can plan the most of your things, but leave some room for what comes unexpected.

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