Flying with Transavia; pros and cons

So I recently flew with Transavia from Amsterdam to Malaga. As much as I enjoy flying, this was an pleasent experience.
I want to share the pros and cons of flying to your destination with Transavia. But as you may be knowing, Transavia is an low-cost airline. That means that you won’t get the service like on Lufthansa or Emirates. Enough of talking; here are the pros and cons of flying Transavia.


  • Transavia always has an customer service avaliable in English, Dutch and even Italian. You can call them but also message them on Twitter. They will always react nice and helpful.
  • Clean cabin. Have you been flying with Ryanair? Some times you have a really messy cabin. From some dirt to chewing gum. But Transavia cleans their cabin before an new flight.
  • Cheap menu. The menu is really cheap as you can get a soup for just 2 euros. Of course you can buy it cheaper in an local store but compared to other airlines it’s cheap and (normaly) good quality.
  • Kind cabin crew. You can always get someone who didn’t had a great night of sleep. But the cabin crew is really nice and helpful. Stressful situation with another passenger? No effect on other passengers.


  • Cabin luggage not in the cabin? Yes, your cabin luggage can’t always been taken on board cause of full storage compartments. Low-Cost airlines have this problem more often because more people travel with a trolley to close destinations.
  • Boarding. Transavia has no boarding groups with makes it an standing boarding, waiting for others to put their luggage in the overhead compartments.

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