One Day In Spain

” Travel isn’t a hobby, it’s an Lifestyle.

Port de Malaga

So the day started off with waking up in my room. Really simple. Took my bike. Got the train. Took a bus. And there I was on Schiphol airport. Took my plane and off to Malaga.

Arrived on Malaga I actually didn’t know what to do. So I followed the signs to the railway station. My first expence was on a train ticket of 1,80 euro. The ride was 10 minutes from Airport to City Centre. After that I took a walk from the centre to the tourist infromation.

A small restaurant was just 5 minutes away from the tourist info. If I was you, you need to eat tapas while in Malaga. The price for a tapas is around 12 euro + a drink is 15 euro. Not too expensive.

Just ate and went off to the park. But decided to go to Alcazaba first. The Alcazaba is and fort/castle on a hill/mountain in Malaga not too far away from the city park. It offers you really good views for a small efford of walking up the hill. But here is what you get back:

View from Alcazaba

After that I walked without any notice to the Castle of Gibralfaro. I wasn’t allowed to enter cause I’m 13. But there were some nice lady’s who offered me to go with them. Really nice view that you get back for a really small price. And the history behind the whole castle is something you need to know before you go there.

Just after leaving Gibralfaro, I wanted to go to the Plaze de Toros but it was unfortunately closed for rework or something. So I just went for an relaxing walk in the citypark, whitch isn’t the biggest i’ve seen but nice if you want to escape from the busy city.

Parque de Malaga

After a walk in the park I walked to the beach. It was kind of grey? I’ve never seen any grey sand… But other than that it’s nice and you have a great view on the Mediterranean sea.

The walk from the beach to the port isn’t really long. The lighthouse is like a welcome house to the port. With a lot of restaurants and cafes you have a great view on the blue water. Just a small reminder; it’s a port so expect some poluting black smoke coming from some cruise ships!

It was already time to head back to the railway station and head to the airport. Take my plane back to Holland and miss my last bus from Schiphol…

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