7 Interesting places to visit in the Netherlands

The Netherlands, mostly referred to Holland. You may be wondering, what can you do more then museums and walking trough the city of Amsterdam. But there is actually more! Here are 7 things to do in the Netherlands.

1. See the Amsterdam canals

So the canals of Amsterdam is something you really need to see. Especially at night!

Sometimes it can be really boring. But my advise is to just too stand on a bridge and see for yourself!

2. The Rijksmuseum

As one of the two museums in this list is the Rijksmuseum the most popular museum in the Netherlands.

It was build around 1800 and has a large collection of paintings. One of them the most popular: The Nachtwacht.

Did you know that there were some pieces cut off the Nachtwacht cause it was too big for the wall?

3. The caves of Valkenburg

The caves of Valkenburg. What can I say about it? They are so beautiful and are really something to put on your to do list.

There are multiple caves in Valkenburg but some are closed cause they are too dangerous. But don’t worry, the open caves have a great upkeep.

You can choose for a ride with a train car thing or just walk. Both option will include a guide cause you aren’t allowed to go without a guide. Also the guide will be telling you everything about the history of the caves!

4. The Zaanse Schans

It may look really boring but the Chinees like it for some reason…
Those windmills arený just some random windmills doing nothing. Actually they are right now, but they have history!

The windmills are all different, not speaking about color. “De Huisman” is a mill used to make peper and salt smaller. “De Kat” was used to make paint. Not litterly paint, but ingredients to make the paint. And “De Gekroonde Poelenbrug”, the sawmill. Used to saw wood. It’s a really rare mill to find in Holland cause there are only 5 left!

5. Madurodam

Is it a city? Almost. It’s the whole Netherlands in one park. In detail!

Yet, some people think this is boring. It is if have been here for more than 3 times. Nothing changes. At least if the goverment doesn’t make any changes to the Netherlands.

This is an attraction for kids and grown-ups. You have some places to play, like the Princes Beatrixsluis. A place for ships to change from hight water to low water. It’s all possible in the Netherlands!

6. Anne Frank Huis

Also called “Het Achterhuis” (The backhouse) because Anne Frank was hiding in the back of the house behind a cupboard.

If you are a history person you definitly need to visit this museum. Anne Frank was a girl that lived in the World War 2. She wrote a diary that you can find and read here, in this museum.

7. Hoge Veluwe

Not a city person? Not a problem! Holland isn’t just city. We have some beautyful nature too. Like the National Park “De Hoge Veluwe”.

Here you can also find the “Kruller Muller” museum. A lot of art… The park is 5 square kilometers, so pack some lunch and expect to be gone for a day. It’s so big and there is so much to see, I think it’s not even possible in 1 day. But to see most of it.

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