5 Tips while/before booking a city trip

I really like city trips. I have been on a few of them. Romania, Spain, Netherlands and multiple times in Germany. If you want the best and cheapest travel experience? Try using these tips!

1. Try different dates

Don’t only try your two days you want to go. Try moving them. As an example: you want to go to Paris on the 4th and 5th of May. The price is €140. Try going one day earlier, like the 3th till the 4th. The price can already be €90.

2. Take a look at the times

What people often forget is to check the flight times. Like I want to go to Germany for 2 days. So if the flight departs around 20:00 and arrive around 21:00. That’s ok for now, but what if my outbound flight departs around 5:00? Then you have a problem, so look at the flight times before booking!

3. Search for reviews

If you have a booking site, hotel, airline or something else where you haven’t been or haven’t done anything with, just search for reviews with other people that used the services of that company. Cause if there are a lot of negative reviews on a site then don’t book from that site. Speaks for itself.

4. Make a plan

If you are booking a trip to Saint Petersburg (like I am) or a other city. Make a plan before you book the trip. Don’t wait till you arrive and then make a plan fast in your hotel cause that is a waist of time.

Disclaimer: You don’t always have to follow your plan! You can always adjust it.

5. Try looking for an public transport card

Some times you have a public transport card. For about €25 (in Berlin, Germany) you can get free public transport for 3 days or so. But I recommend looking at the prices in the country/city for public transport. Like in Berlin, public transport can be expensive unlike in Saint Petersburg it’s really cheap (around €0,80 at the time).

This where 5 tips while/before buying a city trip!

Hope this helped you buy a nice city trip and I hope you enjoy it!

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