5 country’s I think you need to visit in the winter

As some know I really like travelling. (A big reason I started this blog). And with my travel experience, I know that sub isn’t the only option. Cause snow can be nice too. Skiing, snowboarding or just walking trough the open white lands.

Here are eight country’s to visit in the winter.

1. Norway

Source: Pixabay

Norway is not the most popular country but it’s really beautiful. You have the northern light, wide, open landscapes to wall trough and accommodation can be really cheap too!

The northern light is a really cool effect by the sun. I don’t really know how it works but the effect is really cool to see be yourself. NOTE: The northern light is only to see above the northern circle.

Also the big and wide landscapes can be found almost everywhere in Norway. You can walk hours trough the beautiful land, relax and think of something else then work, school or the busy city world. But don’t get lost. There isn’t much communication available around there. You can use a compass on your phone or just buy one.

Accommodation can be really cheap. You don’t need to buy a hotel. Take a look on AirBnb for a house or a room for yourself around €25 (29 USD) a day. Pretty cheap, isn’t it?

2. Russia

Source: Pixabay

So Russia is a really big country. The biggest in the world actually. As I’m Russian myself, I have been to Russia many times. Not everywhere but I have been in Siberia 4 times and once to St Petersburg. The Baikal lake is one of the beautiful places nor the landscapes as I mentioned with Norway.

As I said Russia is big. Siberia is the best place to go. As Siberia is big also, there are some things you really need to see. The landscapes are nice to walk trough, but it can get hard if there is much snow. Cause the snow can get up to 1,5 meters. NOTE: Thetemperature can get to -40 degree’s celcuis (-40 degree’s farenheit). 

The biggest lake in the world is here too. The Baikal lake. It grows with 0,6 centimeters a year. So the lake gets bigger and bigger each year. So if you return next year it’s a little bit bigger then last year. You can find seals there too. On land they look lazy and fat but if they’re in the water, they can reach a speed of 30 km/h (18.6 mph).

As in Norway the accomodations can be cheap too. Just find the right site or just try to ask at different houses and hotel. Most people are nice (I think).

3. Canada


The north of America is something else then the European city’s. In Canada it can become below 0 degree’s celcius between November and January. Most people know the Niagara Falls, the biggest waterfalls in the whole world! But most don’t know the ice castles in Edmond, do they? Or do you just like to take a nice walk out in the snow? Canada has a lot of possibility’s.

The Niagara falls are a bigger then you actually think. In some winters they can be frozen too! But they are so loud that you better take earplugs with you if you have sensitive ears. But it’s something you really need to see yourself. Take pictures, selfies, make video’s and maybe post it on YouTube if you want to.

Ohh on picture they look really great! The ice castles in Edmond. It’s a winterwonderland as you walk trough there. It’s really worth a visit if you are closeby. Most of the times they put lightning in there to make it even more beautiful then it’s already is.

If you don’t like those activity’s and/or just want to do something relaxing but also fun? Try snowshoeing trough the wide open snowy lands. With the special snowshoes you don’t get half a meter in the snow and makes it a lot easier to walk trough the think white snow.

4. Iceland


This small, snowy, mountain-ish island with aproximate 300.000 recidents is a really beautiful place to be. From climbing the mountains to walking around the grassy and snowy lands. Ever seen a geyser? Spitting out hot water every 4 hours or so.

Snowboarding or skiing can also be fun in Iceland. The big nice mountains and hills are a nice place to go skiing or snowboarding. From the start it can be really hard but eventually you will get it under control and it will be really easy as you go and go.

A geyser. Have you heard of it? Those hot water spitting mini lakes can be really beautiful to see. You don’t want to be late cause you need to wait 4 hours (sometimes more or less) before you can see it again.

5. Antartica


Can we call it a country? Yes, it’s actually a country. But not the country you expect to go. The bothem of the world.

As some people think that it’s not populated. That isn’t true. You fly to Ushuaia (small tip of Antartica) and then with a cruise to Antartica. Or with a small plane if you want to be fast.

You can go on a small boat trip with a rubberboat past the big ice on/in the water.

DISCLAIMER: I have only been in Russia. The other country’s are country’s that I want to visit.

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