Flying with Transavia; pros and cons

So I recently flew with Transavia from Amsterdam to Malaga. As much as I enjoy flying, this was an pleasent experience. I want to share the pros and cons of flying to your destination with Transavia. But as you may be knowing, Transavia is an low-cost airline. That means that you won't get the service like on Lufthansa or Emirates. Enough of talking; here are the pros and cons of flying Transavia.

How To Pack For An One Day Trip

A one day trip. Just go away for a day and relax, don't think about work or school. It's like a dream or even heaven. Don't think about problems or the fight with your uncle. But the one and only obstacle is: what do you pack with me?

One Day In Spain

" Travel isn't a hobby, it's an Lifestyle. Port de Malaga So the day started off with waking up in my room. Really simple. Took my bike. Got the train. Took a bus. And there I was on Schiphol airport. Took my plane and off to Malaga. Arrived on Malaga I actually didn't know what to do. So I followed the … Continue reading One Day In Spain

7 Interesting places to visit in the Netherlands

The Netherlands, mostly referred to Holland. You may be wondering, what can you do more then museums and walking trough the city of Amsterdam. But there is actually more! Here are 7 things to do in the Netherlands.

New year, new start!

Hi everyone! I actually want to wish you a great new year! 2019 is here and I already have a lot of plans these coming years. This month I want to visit an country in Europe which I'm still not 100% sure of. I have some cities I want to go, like Barcelona or Madrid, … Continue reading New year, new start!

5 Tips while/before booking a city trip

I really like city trips. I have been on a few of them. Romania, Spain, Netherlands and multiple times in Germany. If you want the best and cheapest travel experience? Try using these tips! 1. Try different dates Don't only try your two days you want to go. Try moving them. As an example: you … Continue reading 5 Tips while/before booking a city trip

5 country’s I think you need to visit in the winter

As some know I really like travelling. (A big reason I started this blog). And with my travel experience, I know that sub isn't the only option. Cause snow can be nice too. Skiing, snowboarding or just walking trough the open white lands. Here are eight country's to visit in the winter. 1. Norway Source: … Continue reading 5 country’s I think you need to visit in the winter